Glam Girls

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Glam Girls

Release Date: 9 May 2019 (Germany)

Original Language    :    English | German | Dutch | Danish | French | Sign Languages
Year    :    9 May 2019 (Germany)
Genre    :    Comedy, Crime
Time    :    01 Hours 33 Minutes
Budget    :    $21,000,000 (estimated)
Revenue    :    $95,017,038

Movie: Glam Girls(2019)[tt1298644] Two con women - one low rent and the other high class - team up to take down the men who have wronged them.

Rating:   IMDb  / 4.5

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ronfernandezsf on 11 May 2019
While not an academy award winning movie in any way, it was funny and refreshing like an old fashioned movie. Thank God no Marvel, or sex scenes or F words, or car crashes or special CGI effects. Wish there were more movies like this where you can enjoy a laugh without cringing or seeing another special effect. Loved Anne Hathaway. Her accents alone are worth the price of admission. So enjoy a good old movie with a plot that is funny and performances that are arresting. Don't listen to the bad notices. Everybody wants to see blood and guts nowadays. What a tragedy.

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